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Marketing strategy and implementation

Dona is a brand with a long history in the Balkans, that produces pickled foods with superior quality. Dona entered the Macedonian market in September 2018 with their star product, the Dona Ajvar, becoming available in one national supermarket chain (VERO). Entering a very competitive market, Dona needed a creative marketing strategy and a strategic growth plan to increase sales. After conducting research and defining the market, we concluded that the best channel to reach potential customers was Facebook. After researching, we created the necessary creative marketing strategy for brand recognition.
Recently, Donna's products have expanded to the market in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and with that, we have opened a new Facebook profile through which we communicate with that audience.


Social Media Management:

  • Managing two Facebook profiles for Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Posting 15-20 posts per month
  • Full social media support for Facebook
  • Creative campaigns with custom graphics

Paid online ads

  • Creating Facebook ads to increase brand recognition and audience growth
  • Creating target groups and the full content of the ad including text with photography or graphics

Professional photoshoot and video production:

  • Defining of concept and script
  • Allocating of needed resources ( actors, location etc..)
  • Professional photoshooting and video